Search engine optimization, as we all know it is the thing that will make the website in high rank of the search engines. Seo is done in two ways to make your website rank high. One by the wrong way and another by the good way. Black hat SEO is called the SEO which is done in wrong way, like as inorganic way whereas White Hat seo is called the SEO which is done in good way, like as organic way. Also Bad Seo is also termed as types of SEO.

Below I have described all the types of seo in a simple way that everyone can understand it:

White Hat SEO

White hat Seo By its name we can define it as clear. Optimizing the website to be ranked high in Google or any other search engine white hat seo is long term and is good one. The systematic way will make your site ranked high in search engine. The keywords, anchor text, categories and visitors all should be legally although you are optimizing the website to be ranked high. White hat seo shows and do the things used to customize in correct way. It’s exactly opposite to that of Black Hart SEO.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat seo is totally opposite to that of White Hat SEO. By doing black hat seo, your site will be ranked high but for some time only. It’s not for long time, and it is totally inorganic or incorrect way to make your site ranked high in search engines. Black hat SEO, unlike its wholesome kin, uses tricks, schemes, and games to circumvent the algorithmic barriers set up by the search engines to prevent bad content from gaining high rankings in the search engine result pages (SERPs).Black hat SEO is not to be mistaken for plain bad search engine optimization which is the result of either lack of knowledge or cutting corners.


Bad seo is not termed as Black Hat Seo. Bad means Bad. Bad Seo can damage your site and make your site out of search engines. Generally bad seo is maintained or done to websites by paid search engine optimizer. The generally show high options in cheap rate to the publisher of site and make the sites really bad. Bad seo will never let you to be in the top so do not try this to make your site ranked high in the search engines.


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