Here is a new “to do” item to add to your Internet business consultant’s list of social media targets. Like Facebook and Google+, Twitter now has its own brand pages. This change comes with the social media platform’s new look. Twitter has opened the proverbial doors to entrepreneurs and online marketers. According to a report from Marketing Pilgrim, the brand pages have two elements which are both free. First, brand pages can be customized with large header graphics for logos and taglines which is now more prominent as compared to the standard format wherein normally, a part of the page’s design is obscured by the timeline. Another element is an option to keep a specific tweet at the top of the timeline where in it also automatically expands to reveal an embedded photo or video sourced from Flickr or YouTube, among others. This auto-expand feature does not require any action from the user.


Another improvement that entrepreneurs and Internet business consultants should find interesting is the separation of @ replies and mentions. This enables the company to facilitate Twitter-savvy brands without getting in the way of regular messaging. According to Chief Revenue Officer Adam Bain, the launch is a collaboration with “strategic partners and advertisers.” He added that the marketers in the launch group were already active Twitter community members but that they were in search of new ways to make the micro blogging platform better, more interesting, more compelling and more provocative.


Twitter now joins the “commercialized” ranks of Facebook and Google+. This new social media marketing option should prove interesting since it is a free service. This levels the playing field for both mom and pop online stores and the industry heavyweights. One important thing to note for businessmen and Internet business consultants, though, is that Twitter’s target audience is more specified as compared to Facebook so at the end of day, entrepreneurs should go back to their marketing plan, seek advice from their Internet business consultant, and decide if Twitter’s updated features fit the bill.

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