Social network, facebook, twitter, Google +, Digg, LinkedIn etc are most used social networks around the world. These social networks describe their own network as for the different platform but these all are of same work. Exchanging socially, among your friends, family, staffs, co-worker, class mates and other. The entire platform has their own terms and condition but all of them help you to get together with the people you know or even the people you don’t know.

Social networks helps the author of blogs to get more and more traffic, its due to whenever a author publish the link in his social network account, his relatives, friends, family and all the people who have connection with him in the social network will have encourage in looking his link, from here a good number of traffic is followed. You can even fulfill your traffic target by posting it in a social network. Facebook, it’s the larger and mostly used social network around the world. According to a survey, facebook helps as a back links for many sites to help them in getting more targets. Facebook ads displays number of ads about the websites every day, it’s all for the traffic for the blog. Twitter the more you follow the more will be following you. You do not need to send request to follow anyone, simply twitter also is the main social networks around the world which mainly focuses the vast people and knows the technical world as well as the internet world in much better way. When you create a link at twitter for your site, it’s obviously that you will be getting lots of traffic from twitter too.


Not only Facebook or Twitter but in this internet world many of the social networking sites are being developed. Via these social networking sites your site can get more and more traffic. This will help you for generating more revenue. Publishing post daily and making own group in the social network for publishing links to the sites will help you to get settled faster in this internet world. Every people now a days are engaged in the social network and the internet world. You can be beneficial person because of the increasing number of people in this world of internet for sharing and viewing other views via the Social Networking Site. So go socially and increase the number of your traffic.

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