I know most of the people engaged in the blogging as work as a publisher don’t know the actual meaning of seo. Seo is known as Search Engine Optimization. SEO plays a vital role in optimizing the blog and making its rank high in the search engine. Whenever you search a term in Google or in any search engine, you will find out many results, but the top results shown there is the work of seo. Whenever you optimize and put the hidden data or keywords to any posts in your blog firstly whenever any person search the same keyword in Google or Yahoo, if your optimization is good, your blog post will appear in the search engine top result. And whenever your blog is in the top rank of any search engine you blog automatically gets huge number of traffic and you blog page rank will be higher in the search engines. Seo plays vital role to help you to make money online through your blog. Whenever your blog gets high traffic the ads provided to your blog gets high impression and your revenue will be increased. And whenever your site or blog ads are clicked by the visitors its obviously that your revenue will be generating in the twice. Doing SEO for any blog or website is not work of a kid. All the tags, keywords and posts should be better optimized for getting good rank and also to get the top visitors among rest of the sites. The same contain your blog contain may already have been posted by others in another site or blog. But if you do the better seo for your site or blog, the traffic will be followed to your blog rather than the other one due to the better optimization for search engines. The revenue generated by other site can be generate by you without wasting most of the time as he spends. You just need to pay proper attention at your work and keep the keywords and tags that’s suits your post. If your post contains article about your place then you must add the keywords that matches your place identity, not the keywords that will match with other places also. For example,  If a man posts about United States Of America, then he must point out the fact about America in keywords, not that he should write America killed Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Husain. The fact to increase traffic should be kept  mind not agreeing the fact will lead you to lose your traffic and obviously the money that your are going to generate through your blog or website.


So do better optimization and get your page rank in the top result of search engine and generate more and more revenue. It just needs your mind to think and hand to write so keep posting your thoughts and views. If you need any help Seomoneymaster.com is always with you all.

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