Search Engine Optimization Guide

In this article I have pointed out the most important tools or the things that can help the sites to get high traffic and can be ranked high in search engines. Here is the simple guide, which will be further posted as single posts in future. So keep in touch



 Seo is known as Search Engine Optimization. It is the most popular and long term method. It helps in generating good number of traffic to flow your site from search engines.

Paid Traffic:


Paid Traffic:

Paid traffic means getting good number of visitors to your site by paying. Like Google Ad words, Facebook Advertisements, yahoo Search etc


Social Networks

In this present time Facebook and Twitter are now active and huge. By posting the posts url in your Facebook or Twitter will help in getting visitors a lot as your FB friends or Twitter Followers will follow your site.


Forum Marketing

To make successful website and get good visitors via this method you need to make good reputation in the forum which can be joined for free to post good information’s.


Subscribe List Building

This method always works well but it takes a lot of time to build good list.


Classified Ads

This method is free but there need to be verification by the publisher. Query is done and your ads are freely placed.


Blog commenting and blog guest posting:

This method may work very effectively but you need to write an unique and well content article to be publish on high PR blog






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