Who says that affiliate marketing is an old business model? Thousands of people all around the world are making a very good living as an affiliate marketer. You can too. Here are five smart ways to make money with affiliate marketing


Review It

Create a review site or category for your blog or website and write reviews. You can review both products and services, as long as they’re related to your niche topic. Reviews are tremendously valuable to people considering a purchase. And when they’re reading reviews it means that they’re already in a buying state of mind.

Most likely they’ve decided they want to make a purchase, they just haven’t settled on a company or specific product. You can help them take that last step by providing an informative review. A note about writing good reviews – make sure they appear unbiased. If your review reads like a sales page then your reader isn’t going to trust it.

Product Demonstrations

If you are an affiliate for one or more products, consider creating videos that offer product demonstrations. These demonstrations work a lot like reviews. They help your prospects and website visitors take that final step from researching to buying. And of course you have the link to help them out! (Don’t forget to put your affiliate link in your video.)

Comparison Charts

Have one or more similar products that you represent? Consider creating a comparison chart to help your prospects weigh the features and compare. And of course be sure to include links to all of the products you represent.

Information Marketing

Give away free information like reports, checklists, workbooks, eBooks and even home study courses. Provide a wealth of information on your niche topic and casually promote relevant products within the body of the content. For example, if you have a pet care niche you can create a new puppy safety checklist. Relevant items on that checklist can be hyperlinked to retailers that sell those products. You provide value and earn a commission.

Build an Email List

One of the best ways to earn more as an affiliate marketer is to build a reputation as someone that your prospects like and trust. You can accomplish this by creating an email list and regularly connecting with your subscribers. Share links and information with them. You’ll generate sales and earn the kind of commission you’ve been striving for.

Making money as an affiliate marketer is often about knowing your prospect and providing them with the information and experience they are looking for. It’s about content. The more quality content you can offer your readers, the more commission you’re likely to earn.


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